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17 Tips To Make Your Closet More Organized And Efficient

If you have a messy closet, these hacks will help you clean it up!

It’s bulky sweater season which means that you need all the room in your closet that you can possibly find. All of those warm, winter clothes take up a bunch of space, so finding a way to organize your space more efficiently is a must.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you do just that!

1. Roll up your clothes instead of folding them to save space.

2. Keep prized floor space for winter boots — PVC pipes are excellent for smaller shoe storage.

3. They can also be used to keep your scarves in order.

They can also be used to keep your scarves in order.


4. Get those flip flops out of the way during the cold months with bent hangers.

5. Old shoe boxes help organize your drawers.

6. Consider getting a mattress frame with under-the-bed storage — it will open up a ton of space in your room.

7. Use hangers to keep your boots in shape.

8. Hang empty suitcases off the ground to save floor space.

9. For a rustic look, an old ladder can hold your heels, scarves, and other clothing items.

10. Put matching sheet sets into pillow cases. It’ll save space and annoyance!

11. Stylish suitcases can house summer clothes in the winter and vice versa in the warm months — plus they add to the decor of your room.

12. Ice cube trays make for excellent jewelry organizers.

13. Hang your scarves on hangers to keep them out of the way.

14. Suspend your laundry basket on a door to save floor space.

15. Use a soda can tab to make more room in your closet by attaching another hanger to it.

16. This purse organizer will open up a world of space.

17. Old wine boxes are great shoe storage receptacles.

(via DIY Cozy Home)

This should free up tons of space in your room and your house. Just don’t go ruining all your organizational progress by buying more clothes to fill all that space!