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25 Inspirational Quotes From Your Favorite Authors To Get You Through The Day

Shakespeare, Hemingway, Rowling, and more authors have the perfect inspirational advice to get you through even the worst of days.

Some days are just bad. Like, ugh, really bad. It doesn’t matter if it’s something you saw on the news, a problem in your personal life, or just a random, annoying hiccup that ruins your flow. Suddenly you find yourself regretting ever getting out of bed that morning.

But instead of wallowing in the dark thoughts, try to find hope from those who have been there before. These authors have endured their own struggles and come out on the other side with perfect advice for us all to embrace. Because no matter how bleak the world can seem, it’s important to remember we’re not alone.

Now get out there and grab what you want from life. Everyone deserves a chance at the happiness they hope for!