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An Old Cabinet From The Thrift Store Was Transformed Into The Coolest Pet Accessory

When a couple found this cabinet at a thrift store, they decided to transform it into the most adorable litter box for their cat.

Are you ready for a purrfect Saturday project?

Litter boxes are naturally unfortunate. Let’s face it, who wants to have a cat’s waste just sitting around out in the open?

But putting a litter box in a tight space can be a real drag, too. A small room with the litter box is basically useless, plus the smell will permeate that small space. However, one clever DIY master decided to build their feline friend a litter box condo that both contained the smell, provided privacy, and looked adorable.

They were lucky enough to find this cabinet at a thrift store.

But if you want to copy this project, you can use any kind of cabinet (new or old). The cheaper, the better, though!

It was going to be the home for their kitty’s litter box, so naturally, some things had to change.

They removed part of the cabinet they wouldn’t need.

They also gave the old thing a new paint job.

And made the cuts necessary with a saw to create a cat-sized door.

Then they bought some new handles…

And set it out to dry.

Then they put the litter box, food, and shovel inside.

Look at that organization!

It looked great, even though a litter box was hidden inside.

Somehow, they made a litter box adorable.

If you’d like to try this yourself, check out their full tutorial on making a “Poop Palace.” If you have a cat (and not a lot of space to work with), you might want to try this out.