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Most Days Animals Are Our Friends, But Even They Can Be Total Grumps Sometimes

Even though these animals are adorable, they can be seriously grumpy sometimes.

Bad days…we all have them.

Even if we are our jolly, chipper selves for 364 days out of the year, there will always be that one day that’s just a ruiner. It’s bound to happen.

Well, animals are like that, too. Even if they are happy-go-lucky most of the time, some days you just shouldn’t mess with them. They get moody as well. Then again, I’m pretty sure they’re still 10x cuter than you or I when they get sour.


There’s all the proof that you need! We aren’t the only ones with attitudes some days. Our furry friends are more than capable of throwing hissy fits just like us. Maybe that’s why the bond between human and animal is so great.