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Put Those Cheap CDs From Yard Sales To Good Use By Trying Out This Craft

Instead of throwing CDs away, this woman made a beautiful table.

Even if you never listen to them, you probably have a bunch of CDs around your home.

While you could throw them out, donate ’em, or sell them at a yard sale, why would you do that when you could use them to create a beautiful piece of home decor?

That was just the question Redditor Emzul asked herself. She took inspiration from a similar project and immediately got to work. Wait until you see the end result…it’s brilliant!

Emzul had mostly used this table for other craft projects, so it was a little worse for the wear.

Then again, that’s what made it perfect for this DIY! Gathering a ton of old CDs, she started breaking them up into little pieces.

She used a quick-dry adhesive and began gluing the shards to the table, starting in the center and working her way out.

It’s a long process — Emzul said it took her around 200 hours — but it’s so worth it in the end!

The Redditor also warned that you’ll need more CDs than you anticipate, so be prepared to go hunting for others if you run out.

Looking good!

Finally, the top was done! Now for filling in the gaps…

She wrapped the table with painter’s tape…

Then, Emzul added grout for a more finished look.

She wiped the excess grout off and let it dry.

Check out that shine!

Emzul recommends using resin to seal the tabletop if you try this. The grout scratched some of the CDs.

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