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Other Parents Were Outraged By This Boy’s Halloween Costume, But It’s So Awesome

Nine-year-old Liam worked hard for to pull of his amazing Cruella de Vil costume and his dad won’t let jerks say one bad thing about it.

Halloween is all about creativity (and candy, of course). But the opportunity to flex your kids’ creative muscles is the most fun of all.

Liam, a nine-year-old boy from Fort Meyers, Florida, takes full advantage of the whimsical holiday by designing his own unique costumes each year. A fan of theater and the arts, he doesn’t skimp on the details when it comes to creating new personas when Halloween rolls around. This year, he decided to pay tribute to one of Disney’s creepiest, coolest villains: Cruella de Vil.

This transformation is nothing short of incredible!

Talk about skill, am I right?

Liam’s dads helped him create the killer look and explained to the Gaily Grind that his son is more excited by “the creative process and the eccentricity of the outfit” than he is about dressing up as a woman. However, even if the latter were true, they would still support his amazing spirit!

As was sadly expected, not everyone was as impressed. Instead of politely minding her own business, one person decided to comment on Liam’s photo to express how “inappropriate” she felt it was for his parents to “do that to their child” — as if they forced him into the outfit. Luckily, Liam’s dad politely shut down the woman’s ignorance. It’s clear that this family is all about love and acceptance.

Come on. You can’t deny how awesome this is!

He definitely has a future in the arts ahead of him.

Honestly, the haters are probably just mad that they can’t rock a red lip like Liam can.

(via Mashable, The Gaily Grind)

In any case, stifling a child’s freedom of expression is absolutely never the answer — especially when the kid is as outstanding as this creative cutie! I can’t wait to see what Liam comes up with next year.