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11 Passive-Aggressive Notes That Will Make You Want To Live Alone Forever

Living with a roommate can be tough. But even more so when you’re passed passive aggressive notes the likes of these 11!

Living with a roommate can be great. If you have a roommate, you’ll never have to worry about paying rent alone or not having anyone to hang out with. But everyone who’s gone to college knows that not all roommate relationships are created equal.

If these hilarious passive-aggressive notes prove anything, it’s that no situation creates tension quite like living with a bad roommate.

1. There are 87 fries, and he’ll eat every one.

This nigga counted his FRIES #THEYREMARCOS #worstroommate #87friesonanundercovercop #sundayfunday

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2. #NetflixandChill doesn’t solve everything.

Mr. Toilette Roll is home sick, why must you treat him this way? #roomienotes #hashtagsarestupid

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3. But really…what’s in there?

4. Burn. Everything. Now.

Eric, just burn everything and never look back. #PleaseMoveOut #BadRoommate #SexInYourBed

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5. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


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6. Just try not to get guts everywhere.


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7. I just wanted Kool-Aid, okay?

Apparently I’m not allowed to have any Kool-aid…. #whoops #badroommate

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8. It’s not inaccurate.

Lol I love this apartment. #roommates #dishes #passiveagressive.

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9. Quick! Where’s the nearest Whole Foods?

Good thing we grow carrots in the EcoHouse veggie patch.

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10. That cuts to the core.

hashtag surf of #passiveagressivenotes yields hilarious results

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11. Well played.

I couldn’t resist. #passiveagressivenotes

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Like I said…there are plenty of reasons why having a roommate can be awesome. But when the situation gets bad, things can turn ugly really quickly.