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They Were Trying To Throw A Puck To A Little Kid, But What Happened Will FLOOR You

After an old man stole a souvenir puck from a little boy at a hockey game, the Pittsburgh Penguins gave the boy a jersey and multiple pucks.

Sports players and coaches most of the time want to give their fans a really unique and special experience when they come out to a game. But occasionally, they’ll go above and beyond to offer an unsuspecting admirer a very special moment.

That’s exactly what happened when the coach of the Buffalo Sabres, Dan Bylsma was trying to give a young fan a cool souvenir. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out that way. Watch what happens when he tries to throw a puck to a kid at the game…

As he throws the puck to the little boy, an older man snatches it from him and sits down nonchalantly. UNBELIEVABLE!

Fortunately, the Pittsburgh Penguins (the team the Buffalo Sabres were playing at the time) heard of this story and decided to right the wrong.

They awarded the boy with a jersey and a couple of pucks!

Now that’s how you treat a fan to a special experience at a hockey game. I’m sure he’ll never forget it — they’ve got a lifelong fan!

(via Uproxx)

Thank goodness someone saw what happened and righted that horrible wrong. And shame on that old man for plucking that puck away from the kid. Have you no heart or soul, sir?! That’s exactly why he didn’t get a free jersey and multiple pucks.