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One Man Just Figured Out That Drones Are Great For Doing Chores

Drones are really cool, and as it turns out, totally useful.

Videographer Mike Schreus hated sweeping the leaves off of his driveway. No matter how hard he tried, the leaves always managed to come back. Sweeping the driveway over and over again really started taking a toll on his back…and his patience.

But then he remembered that he had a drone sitting around somewhere in the house, because it’s 2015, and that’s evidently a thing now. With it, he came up with an extraordinary solution to an irritating problem.


I bet we’ll all being using drones to do chores in a few years. Until we become drone masters, though, Matt has some parting wisdom: “Not all leaves will be as easily swayed by a drone. Flying low, use light control on the stick, and be careful to not hit anything or anyone. Oh…and buy a better broom.”