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Watch As A Man Heroically Pulls A Stranger From A Burning Car

A passer by saw this car on fire, but didn’t hesitate to help when he saw a man was stuck inside. He is a true hero.

Most people may like to think they would be helpful in the event of an emergency…

Unfortunately, though, there are times when disaster strikes and no one does anything. Usually, this isn’t a result of callousness, but diffusion of responsibility. This is a sociopsychological phenomenon where a person is less likely to take action or responsibility when others are present.

If a pedestrian saw a person being attacked on the street, they may be hesitant to help because they believe “someone else will step in.” It’s a normal feeling, but it’s one we must fight…just like Santiago Portillo did.

This brave man was working in a mattress store when he spotted a burning car. Instead of assuming the driver was already being helped, he leapt into action, saving the man’s life.

What this man did for a complete stranger is amazing.


He’s not Iron Man or Captain America, but he IS a hero.

Don’t be afraid to step up if you see someone in need of help.

In fact, being brave enough to stand out in the crowd could just save someone’s life.