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What A Woman Records On Her Helmet Cam Is Miraculous And Heroic, You’ll Be In Awe

While riding her motorcycle, this woman noticed a small kitten on a busy road and stopped traffic to save him.

Many motorcyclists like to add a handy GoPro camera to their helmet to capture all the amazing views of a good ride. This woman, who’s name is Laney, captured something much more miraculous while she was out for a ride in her Oklahoma hometown.

She was waiting at a busy intersection when she noticed something fall from one of the passing cars. At first she thought it was just a loose leaf (and you will, too!), but soon realized it was actually a small, terrified kitten. Without a second thought, she immediately jumped into action.

Laney signalled to oncoming traffic and scooped the little guy up with the help of another woman standing by:


She was as shaken up as the little guy, who was thankfully unharmed.

Laney named him Skidmark and posted this update of her adorable new bestie enjoying the safety of her home:


(via Reddit)

She has also contacted the owner of the red car that it seems he fell out of earlier in the video but hasn’t received a response. It’s most likely that he was a stray who had found warmth in the car’s undercarriage. In any case, both Laney and Skids are more than happy to have each other.