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When He Drinks From His Water Bowl, Something’s Different…His Reaction Is Hilarious

This sweet little puppy is a hilariously confused when his human fills his water bowl with cold water instead of the usual room temperature.

New things can be startling, no matter how subtle or simple they might seem. This little pup figured that out when his human switched up his water bowl game with some slightly colder agua.

They were letting the cutie simply drink from the same filtered system they already had for their cat, but decided to go with a regular water bowl while house training to keep better track of his potty schedule. When they got back from a nice walk one day, Mom decided to share some of her cold water from the fridge with him…and his adorable reaction is so priceless.


“What? What is this??”

I hope they don’t live anywhere too far north. This little guy doesn’t seem to be cut out for even a slight chill!