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Autistic Boy Is Overcome With Emotion As He Watches His Favorite Band Play Live

When Chris Martin started playing the boy’s favorite son, he totally broke down.

Listening to your favorite band or singer live is an emotional experience, but for a young Mexican boy with autism, seeing Coldplay hit him especially hard.

This tear-jerking video was filmed by proud father Luis Vazquez when he took his son, Luis Noel, to see his favorite band perform at Foro Sol stadium in Mexico City. After a short introduction in which Vazquez asks Luis about his favorite Coldplay song, it cuts to a scene of the father-son duo watching the band play “Fix You.”

Take a look at what happens when Luis is flooded with emotions.


Lead singer Chris Martin himself even reached out and expressed his gratitude to the boy on Twitter!

Martin said that he wrote this track to explain the helplessness he felt while trying to help his girlfriend overcome depression after losing one of her parents. This little guy deals with adversity every day, but I have the distinct feeling that music helps him heal.