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It’s Hard To Stay Mad At The Dog Who Did This…You’ll Understand When You See Him

This funny husky gets out of punishment by being hilariously goofy.

Face it: pets are going to wreak at least some havoc on your home. Whether it’s a cat clawing at your roommate’s arm chair, or a pup chewing up your favorite (expensive) pair of shoes, it’s part of the contract when you take a new fur baby home. This is why it’s hard to stay mad at those troublemakers when they do something naughty.

What makes it so easy to forgive them is how utterly ridiculous they can be…

Like this husky:


Oh, he’s a special one, alright.

Who could stay mad at this adorable monster? I couldn’t, but I’ve got an extra-soft spot for weirdos. You’re free to go, pup!