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Flying Is Stressful, But This Flight Attendant Makes It Better One Window At A Time

Flight attendant Taylor Tippett leaves happy notes for tired passengers.

Flying can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. After a million rather impolite security checks and a mind-numbing wait (or a terrifying rush), sitting on a plane can be a bit of a downer. (This is especially true now that so many airlines have even taken away in-flight snacks.)

But one flight attendant is trying to make the flying experience a little better. What she does not only brightens people’s flights, but their days as well.

Meet Taylor Tippet, a flight attendant who wants to make the world a happier place.

Besides being nice to her passengers, she also likes to leave little inspirational notes for them.

She’s begun an Instagram project titled #wordsfromthewindowseat.

Instagram is perfect for this, since she knows that finding handwritten notes taped to plane windows might result in bomb squads being called in. (Since we apparently can’t have nice things anymore.)

Instead, she snaps a picture of the note, and then folds it into one of the brochures in the seat pocket, where passengers can find it on their own.

Posting it on social media has the added benefit of reaching people who aren’t currently on a plane.

Tippett hopes that seeing these words of inspiration will brighten her passengers’ days, and maybe even their lives.

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Tippett’s story was covered in an interview by Seeker Stories, in which she explains the inspiration behind her project. You can keep up with the project on Tippett’s Instagram, which includes plenty of awesome photos of her own travels.