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This Passerby Intervened On A Hostage’s Behalf, But He Didn’t Know The Truth

This hostage scene took a weird turn when a bystander took action.

Filming an independent action movie has to be a daunting task. For big-budget films, the crew can shut down whole streets and take over entire neighborhoods. As far as indie filmmakers are concerned, however, they pretty much have to make due with their surroundings.

When these filmmakers were filming a hostage scene for their latest movie, they were met with a pretty strange (and completely hilarious) reaction. That’s because one of the bystanders — unaware that this was actually a movie scene — stepped in to save the day.


It’s funny how fake action scenes can get very real in the blink of an eye. That being said, some good can be found in the situation. It’s probably a good thing for the filmmakers to know that their scene was so realistic that it inspired genuine intervention. It’s also a good thing for the state of humanity to know that heroic people really will help those in need.