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When He Returned From Out Of Town, He Realized His Wife Had Upgraded Their Home

When this husband returned from out of town, he came home to a seriously upgraded entryway!

When the husband is away, the wife…will convert a closet into a mudroom.

It took Imgur user being out of town for the weekend for his wife and her mother to realize that the empty closet by their entranceway wasn’t particularly inviting. In a few simple steps, they magically transformed the space into a mudroom, complete with a seating area where they could take off their boots and awesome shelving units they could use to store them!

This is what the closet looked like before. As you can see, it was about as welcoming as a prison cell.

‘s wife and her mom picked out this cute design for the pillows and cushions.

With a few boards, they created this bench that would later double as a storage unit.

For the top of the bench, a painted piece of plywood did the trick!

The inventive ladies removed everything from the closet and added some simple paneling. That change totally transformed the space!

After that, they added some overhead shelving.

Then they placed the cushion on the top of the bench along with some matching throw pillows.

Now all of their shoes have a home!

Pretty impressive, right? It’s such a great way to maximize space.

Before I wrote this article, I didn’t even know what a mudroom was, but I have to have one after seeing this project! What space-saving tricks have you used in your home?