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A Baby Was Screaming During A Flight, But This Woman Wasn’t Annoyed

This kind stranger helped a stressed mother whose baby just couldn’t stay calm on the plane.

Flying with babies is an incredibly stressful experience for parents (and everyone else on the flight). Not only does it cause quite a ruckus when the baby inevitably starts crying, but it seems to annoy every other passenger in the process.

That was the case for Rebekka Garvison. She was flying to surprise her husband, an Army firefighter, with their daughter. As soon as she stepped onto the plane, however, little Rylee started crying. At first, she was sitting next to people who became immediately annoyed with the experience, so she was moved to a seat with more room. Once she got situated, a kind stranger took matters into her own hands.

Rebekka Garvison and her daughter Rylee ended up next to a kind stranger named Nyfesha Miller.

She knew exactly what to do.

Miller took Rylee in her arms and the baby’s tears immediately stopped.

The little one slept in Miller’s arms for the rest of the flight. The kind woman even helped Garvison find a stroller after they landed.

(via Faith It)

The kindness of strangers never goes unnoticed, since the simplest actions can alleviate so much pain and stress. I’m sure Garvison was unbelievably thankful for Miller’s help.