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After She Sprayed This Bear With Mace, She Got A Dose Of Instant Karma

After getting sprayed with bear mace, this bad boy gets his revenge by eating a girl’s kayak.

There’s a reason why people say “don’t poke the bear” when it comes to provoking people who are already upset. When bears feel attacked, they will do anything to protect themselves and their cubs. They’re powerful creatures, so encountering them in the wild isn’t exactly ideal.

In order to fend off a bear one day, this woman sprayed it with mace. While it did ultimately get the creature to back down, something strange happened when the bear decided to get revenge.


You know what? After hearing her scream at it like that, I don’t really feel bad for her. You’re on the bear’s turf, lady! Just be thankful that it’s only after your kayak.