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After Robbing A Bank, This Couple Did The Stupidest Thing Ever

For these robbers who took to Facebook, not getting enough likes was the least of their worries.

If you want to get to the root of all human folly and stupidity, just head on over to Facebook. The platform is great for those who want to watch their weird relatives get into asinine arguments, or those who think that sharing how many pumpkin spice lattes they’ve had since fall officially began is actually important.

It’s also a great place to watch criminals effectively send themselves to jail. Just ask this couple. John Morgan and his girlfriend Ashley decided to rob a bank one day, and when they got home, they posted incriminating photos of themselves posing with the cash. Pics or it didn’t happen, am I right?

Here are the idiots in question.

And there’s all of the stolen money.

This photo is cheeky and not incriminating at all!

Who are you calling, John? The police?

After putting two and two together, officers in Lancaster, Ohio, charged the moronic duo with robbery. They’re now facing some serious jail time, but I bet sharing this on Facebook was totally worth it in the end.