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They Added A Photo Filter When Taking Pictures With Their Pets — This Is Hilarious

If you want a laugh, or to be totally freaked out, check out these Snapchat filters on pets.

While Snapchat has been around for a while now, filters and their popularity have definitely grown recently. The technology allows you to digitally transform your face with everything from ears to full-on goofy disguises. At times, the results are hilarious…but sometimes, it’s just plain weird.

Just as taking selfies made its way to the animal kingdom, so have Snapchat filters. As you could imagine, the photos are pretty ridiculous:

Now give me sultry.

“I wear my sunglasses at night.”

“How do ya like my ‘stache?”

Everyone looks pretty unsure here.

This might give me nightmares.

This cat-bunny is a lil’ scary.

This is what happens when the cat pulls an all-nighter.


This dog is going to Coachella.

No one should use this panda filter.

If you’ve ever considered putting makeup on your dog, here’s proof for why you shouldn’t.

“Ma’am, do you know why I clawed your face?”


Here comes (unhappy) Peter Cottontail!

Fluffy’s feeling a bit zombie-like this morning.

I’m so glad cats and rabbits don’t look like this.

Harry Catter, is that you?

Doggy filter inception.

Well that’s not particularly flattering.

Awww, don’t cry!

Either way, she’s a cutie.

(via Bored Panda)

Have you ever used Snapchat filters on your fur friends? Share your photos in the comments!