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This Bed Appears To Be Floating, But It’s Actually Just Some Clever Construction

This bed appears to float off the floor — here’s how to make it.

Have you ever wanted your room to look a bit more…magical? Well, so did Reddit user elemenohpee, who created a bed that appears to be floating. The piece makes a definite statement in an otherwise ordinary bedroom.

See how they did it below.

Here’s the floating bed, ladies and gentlemen! But how does it work?

First, this frame was built.

The frame is 20 inches from the floor.

A diagonal beam carries the weight in the “floating” corner.

They attached that beam at an angle so that it’s hidden from view.

Clever, right?

More support beams were added after that.

And then the platform was made using plywood.

Finally, the mattress and bedclothes were arranged, and some lights were fastened underneath to drive the illusion home.

From here, you can actually see a bit of the support beam, but it’s just because of the angle.

(source Reddit)

There was some concern online regarding the stability of the bed, and it seems that in the future, some extra support might be necessary. Hey, maybe it’s just a guest room. Either way, the floating bed looks pretty nifty, and the design opens up some extra storage space, too!