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20 Times College Kids Invented Things So Awful, They’re Genius

20 solutions created by broke, clever college kids.

We’ve covered a few awesome college hacks before. You know, little tricks that make life easier, save some money, and help you avoid a bit of stress. These are all well and fine in theory, but then there are the genius tricks that college kids come up with on their own. Those are the real gems in this situation.

Some of them — in all their bizarre, baffling, and downright nasty glory — are actually pretty impressive.

1. Now you can multitask while refilling the water jug.

2. Snowed in? Party time!

3. No shower head? No problem.

4. One man’s trash is another man’s sound system.

5. Everyone always forgets to buy garbage cans.

6. Okay, don’t try this. Like…ever.

7. We’ll just go ahead and assume that there’s a mirror on the other side of that brush.

8. We don’t want to know what happened to the bus.

9. Holes in your socks? No one will know!

10. Get a workout in with…this thing.

11. Unsanitary, but effective.

12. For all those times when using a knife would be way too easy.

13. Classy.

14. It’s better for your posture, I guess.

15. You can steam your clothes while you shower.

16. The smell of motor oil perfectly balances the sweetness.

17. As long as you washed it, I guess?

How much do you want to bet that this thing was never, ever cleaned?

18. When there’s no room in your budget for groceries.

I mean, your tuition is probably putting you in debt up to your eyeballs. Take that milk with reckless abandon, girl!

19. Uh, someone call the RA.

20. Okay, real talk. I’ve been there.

At least you can make yourself a nice cup of tea after you’re done ironing.

21. You deserve a break, kid.

(via BoredPanda)

Say what you want, but at least these kids are putting their education to good use. And when you have to pay as much money for an education as people do today, a little inventiveness can go a long way.