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These 22 Tips And Tricks Will Make You The Belle Of The Fall…But Actually

Take on fall with these super-fun autumn-inspired tips, crafts, and recipes.

If you’re like me, you can’t wait until summer’s over. I’m aware that might make me unpopular with a lot of people, but just hear me out. Sure, summer is great, but it’s just SO. HOT. Aren’t you at least a little bit excited to not sweat through your clothes on your way from your house to the car or train? Plus…the leaves! The apple picking! The buzz of the holiday season!

Still not sold? Well these 22 tips and tricks should get you into the fall spirit:

1. Learn to make this cool DIY leaf bowl for all your fall festivities.

2. These cookies just scream “FALL!” That…and “DELICIOUS.”

3. These adorable boo-nana pops are my everything.

It doesn’t have to be halloween to enjoy a healthy, spooky fall ghost snack.

4. Use a mitten clip to secure pants for an optimal boot-wearing experience.

5. Everyone loves mason jars…here’s how to fall-ify them!

6. Whats a better healthy fall snack than apple chips?

Learn to make them in the microwave.

7. …Or a less healthy one? Can you say chocolate peanut butter acorns?

Yum and aww together in perfect harmony.

8. No, it’s not Christmas yet…but you can still pull out a wreath.

9. Learn how to make your decorative pumpkins last much longer here.

10. Make your whole house smell like fall.

11. You can also accomplish this my baking your own pumpkin bread.

12. Feed the birdies in style.

13. Whip up some inside-out caramel apples

Because this is the caramel:apple ratio we all REALLY want.

14. Try making a centerpiece out of fall-colored grains!

15. If you’re looking for something even easier, try this one.

16. First coffee, now soap?

17. Whether you call them muddy buddies or puppy chow…

These pumpkin spice treats are sure to please every fall-obsessed guest.

18. Or maybe you’re not on board with the whole pumpkin spice fad, and caramel apple is more your speed.

19. Try making your own fire starters that ALSO smell delicious.

20. Make a cool statement piece out of twigs.

21. Throwing a party? Use a pumpkin for a cooler, because why not?

22. Just say yes to chocolate-covered pretzels…especially ones that look like teeny pumpkins.

I think it’s safe to say that you’re now well-equipped to face fall full-force, even if it’s not your favorite season. And if it is, then it just became even better!