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20 Cheeseball Recipes That You Should Know How To Make (And Eat)

Cheese balls aren’t boring…in fact, these recipes are easy and insanely delicious.

When you hear the words “cheese ball,” you might think of something boring your aunt would bring to Christmas parties. Well…STOP THAT.

Cheese balls are delicious appetizers that can be savory, sweet or somewhere in between. These cheese ball recipes are easy to make and — even better — they are extremely delicious. Prepare to wow your guests with these recipes.

1. The insane bacon cheddar cheese ball.

2. Love Doritos? Then this is an awesome idea.

3. Cherries? And chocolate chips? Okay.

4. Cake batter is insanely delicious. So is this ball.

5. Love everything bagels? Then you’ll adore this cheese ball.

6. You can NOT go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate.

7. Red. Velvet. Cheese ball.

8. The delicious Carl Buddig cheese ball.

9. Cheese balls with onion, pecan, and cranberry.

10. The pepperoni cheese ball is just genius.

11. Curry is great, but did you know you could have it in a cheese ball?

12. Snickers comes in cheese ball form now.

13. Bacon? Check. Ranch? Check. Beer? Double check.

14. Oh, pistachio cheese ball. I love you.

15. It’s not a cannoli, but it’s really, really close.

16. If you love s’mores, you’ll lose your mind over this.

17. Buttermilk. Ranch. Cheeseball.

18. The official (and extra cheesy) bacon cheese ball.

19. The Nutella cheese ball makes dreams come true.

20. Make holidays epic with the peppermint cookie cheese ball.

Now, get out there and be the best host / hostess you can be!