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This Confused Corgi Puppy Just Can’t Handle Eating A Treat For The First Time

This hilarious little corgi puppy can’t quite figure out what to do when she gets her first treat ever.

As some wise people once taught us, everyone deserves to “treat yo self” every now and then. Whether it’s fine food, a nice outfit you’ve had your eye on, or simply taking time for yourself, it’s important to indulge every so often.

But this super-silly corgi pup isn’t so sure she’s up for it when she’s introduced to her first-ever yummy treat. The little lady flops around in confusion as to what exactly she should do with this bite-size delicacy.

“Whoa, what ARE you?”

Watch the whole cute clip here:

I’m sure it won’t take her much longer to start scarfing it down and requesting many, many more.