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This Man Only Wanted The Best For His New Niece…So He Made Her Crib Himself

He wanted to be part of his niece’s life, so he made a wonderful crib for her.

It’s totally fine to outfit the den in your bachelor pad with a cheap coffee table from Ikea, but when it comes to the crib for a baby, you’re going to want it to be made out of something sturdier than Swedish cardboard.

That’s why when Reddit user heard he was going to have a new niece, he got right to work on a customized crib for her, complete with an adorable animal-themed back panel!

He started small, crafting the animals that would be his niece’s best friends during her crib years.

What a crew!

Now for the jungle-themed background.

The process of applying pieces of veneer — in this case with colors — to form a pattern is called marquetry.

When everything was glued onto the panel, he noticed some gaps, so he used