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These Look Like Normal Illustrations, But There’s Something Unnerving Going On Here

This series places adorable animals against a morbid backdrop, and it’s something that you need to see.

When it comes to confronting mortality, there are few people more willing to do so than artists.

But let me assure you that designer and illustrator Alex Solis has a take on death that’s decidedly unconventional. If you’ve ever watched the Discovery Channel in total dismay as a lion chows down on a baby impala, you’re bound to appreciate (or at least understand the inspiration behind) his Adorable Circle of Life collection.

At first glance, each illustration in the series is painfully cute, but when you take a closer look, you’ll see that they’re actually far more painful than they are precious.

When tasked with capturing the fragility of life, most artists treat the situation with solemnity. Solis, however, is not most artists.

The collection gives viewers a unique opportunity to view the relationship between predator and prey with fresh eyes.

Each piece subverts the savagery that’s typically associated with predatory animals. Subjects sit in stark, amusing contrast against the collection’s morbid backdrop.

His work ultimately forces us to examine the full breadth of nature’s delicate balance, and that’s exactly what makes it great.

While it’s disturbing, the collection is also celebratory in an offbeat way.

“Everyone has compassion for the cute bunny or lamb,” he writes, “but what about the predators that are working hard for their meals? Capturing their prey is a matter of life and death.”

It’s easy to direct sympathy toward prey animals. We’ve all done it. While the relationship isn’t exactly symbiotic, it’s something upon which Mother Nature relies.

(via Huffington Post)

The artist’s main goal is to celebrate the circle of life and all of its key players. To learn more about Alex Solis and his amazing work, check out his website. For regular updates, be sure to follow him on Instagram.