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Pets On Pets Is Basically The Greatest And Cutest Thing Ever Invented

These animals on top of other animals are totally hilarious and adorable.

Most people like a good cuddle every once in a while…and those who don’t are crazy (in my humble opinion). What these animals are doing isn’t quite considered cuddling…it’s more like finding a cozy place to hangout for a minute, or to travel from one place to another. Regardless of what you call it, though, it’s still pretty adorable!

1. Save us…the floor is lava!

2. What is this, Bambi?

3. “Mush, capybara, mush!”

4. “Okay, we can try a brisk trot later.”

5. His hard underbelly protects him from the spikes.

6. “I prefer not to do my own swimming.”

7. “Don’t you think you’re getting kind of big for this?”

8. “You’re definitely too big for this.”

9. He’s being such a gentleman to this ladybug…

10. That’s a cowboy-dog if I’ve ever seen one.

11. A perfect kitten-size pony.

12. It’s an Easter miracle!

13. “Is there something on my head? I feel tiny feet.”

14. This kitten is a perfect place for a baby flying squirrel to nap.

15. “To the chicken coop, noble steed!”

16. This goat looks super happy to be a chicken chauffeur…

17. “Okay…we’re ready for Jimmy!”

18. “…Get this tiny monster off of me.”

19. But where’s his romantic bunny date?

20. Short dog on a tall dog. Perfection.

21. I think we’ve finally discovered the true use of camel humps.

22. “Are you my mother? No? Can I still sit here?”

This seems like the stuff you’d see in a Pixar movie, but it’s all real life, people!

And it’s awesome.