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20 Pets Who Are Really, REALLY Into Their Games Of Hide-And-Seek

These hilarious dogs, cats, and more are all super adorable as they get into their games of hide-and-seek.

Every time I’m on my computer, without fail, my cat decides it’s the perfect time to curl up on my lap. No matter how many times I explain to him that I simply need to focus on work, his persistence can’t be prevented. After a few tries, he decides the best method is to ever-so-stealthily, ever-so-slowly slink up unnoticed onto my lap…

Of course, I always cave in just because he’s so cute. And apparently, he isn’t the only adorable animal friend who thinks he has access to an invisibility cloak. These hilarious cuties think they’re the sneakiest at hide-and-seek, but we all know the hilarious truth. Not that we’ll tell their sweet faces anytime soon.

1. “Only one dog here! We promise!”


2. “Didn’t see me, did ya?”

3. Sometimes, plain sight makes the best spot.

4. “Duuuude, shh!”

5. This is actually pretty impressive…

6. The buddy system didn’t work as well as they’d hoped.


8. “He’ll never think to look here!”

9. My, what sneaky eyes you have!

10. No camo? Make your own!

11. “Dang it…but you never go to the gym!”

12. Hm, what a lumpy blanket…

13. How the tables have turned!

14. Good thing he didn’t make it all the way to baggage claim.

15. “No one here but us wood chips!”

16. “I are stealthy.”

17. More like hide-and-scare-the-crap-out-of-your-owner.

18. This lady either has a very nice tail or she’s very patient with her kitten friend.

19. “I’m so disappointed in you, Elmo.”

20. “Heh heh heh I’m so good at this.”

I would say maybe they’ll get better at it someday, but I have a feeling we’re all just way too amused by their silly, furbrained ways to ever really help them learn from their silly mistakes.