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A Cop Responded To This Little Girl’s 911 Call For The Funniest Reason

The toddler couldn’t figure out how to put her pants on, so this officer helped her out. They’re best buddies now!

Not every call to 911 is made in an emergency. Sometimes it’s a prank, a butt dial, or just a mistake. This is the sad reality that the dispatchers who work to save lives have to face each day. But when two-year-old Aaliyah dialed 911, she told the dispatcher about a very unique emergency that police responded to immediately. While no one was watching her, she called 911 because she was having difficulty putting her pants on.

Because Deputy Martha Lohnes wasn’t particularly busy at the time, she decided to swing by and help the girl out of the pickle she’d gotten herself into.

Deputy Lohnes helped Aaliyah get dressed, and she even spent some time with her afterward. Oddly enough, the two formed an unlikely friendship!

To a toddler, many things seem like emergencies. Last week the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina sent…

Posted by Nick On The Radio on Monday, March 7, 2016

She now visits the house quite often to make sure that the adorable girl is behaving (and putting her pants on correctly).

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In a field that is often filled with tragedy, situations like this really lighten the burden that police officers have to carry. Cheers to this funny little girl and her crime-fighting buddy!