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It Looks Like A Normal Noodle Bar, But Wait Until You See What It’s Hiding!

If you wander to the back of this nondescript noodle joint, you’ll find a stunning bar and restaurant.

Many restaurants pride themselves on their amazing menus and top-shelf drinks. The most successful restaurants often create immersive atmospheres for their customers and match them with equally impressive meals, and something that most of these places have in common is the fact that they bring something new to the table. Take this noodle bar in Moscow, for example.

Aside from good food, this place hides a secret that attracts tons of customers every week.

Lucky Noodles looks pretty ordinary from the street.

Just inside the door, you’re met with the usual suspects: coolers full of cans and bottles, a small counter, and a pickup window.

But if you take a few more steps, you’ll run into something totally unexpected.

Beyond the run-down shopfront is a luxurious staircase.

And it leads to an equally opulent bar.

This fine dining establishment is called Mendeleev Bar and Restaurant, and it’s one of Moscow’s best-kept secrets (until now, that is).

Grandiose accouterments fill the entire space.

And there’s even a futuristic-looking lounge!

(via Reddit)

If you ever find yourself in Moscow, keep your eyes peeled for the Lucky Noodles sign. You’ll get to feel like a super sleuth and enjoy a great meal in the process.