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They Weren’t Sure If Their Child Would Live, But Its Recovery Was A True Miracle

A father documents the first year of his very premature son’s life.

The birth of Ward Miles was an occasion of mixed feelings. Sure, his parents welcomed him into the world, but they did so with trepidation. Born three and a half months premature, Ward only weighed a little over a pound, and his future was uncertain.

Still, his parents stood by him as a team of doctors and nurses monitored Ward, and his father decided to document the stressful first year of Ward’s life. The resulting video is incredibly moving — and a great testament to the amazing things done by medical science.

Watch Ward’s first year here, as documented by his dad.

Source: Dad Documents Premature Son’s First Year of Life by benjaminscot on Rumble

Today, Ward is a happy, energetic baby with a bright future. Watching his transformation, as well as the dedication of his parents and the medical staff, is nothing short of heartwarming.

Thanks to medical advancements, premature babies have some pretty awesome chances — and stories: