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21 Unexpectedly Cute Creatures That You’ll Totally Fall In Love With

These sea creatures, insects, and other strange animals are surprisingly totally cute. Prepare to fall in love.

We all know how sweet, loving, and adorable our dog and cat friends can be, but if you’re limiting yourself to them, you’re missing out on (literally) a whole world of cute.

These critters might not be the first thing you think of when the word “cute” comes to mind, but maybe they should be at least the second. Prepare to fall in love.

1. This friendly sea slug known as the “sea sheep.”

2. It’s equally adorable slug neighbor, the “sea bunny.”

3. This colorful fella comes from the same nudibranch of sea mollusks (a fancy word for slug).

4. These adorable jellyfish look like they’re on their way to a party.

5. This pretty puffer fish has the sweetest smile.

6. His stingray buddy says hi, too!

7. This amphibious little cutie is an axolotl.

8. I like this sweet caterpillar’s style.

9. This chameleon seems a little worried you don’t think he’s cute…

10. Don’t you just wanna give this bearded dragon a nice chin scratch?

11. He just has more eyes to see how much he loves you!

12. I’d love to know who did this guy’s gorgeous dye job.

13. All the more arms to hug you with!

14. I think he’s looking for more snacks. Sweet, not salty.

15. Even our dogs love little snakes!

16. He’s ready to hear alllll about your long day.

17. This majestic barn owl can arguably give the best, fluffiest hugs.

18. You lookin’ at this grumpy finch? Of course you are, because he’s adorable.

19. This puffin is just straight chillin’.

20. I think this pallid bat wants some cuddles.

21. This guy is a tapir, and he’s ready to be your new best friend.

Sadly, not all of these sweethearts are suited to live with us in our homes, but we can still admire their super-cute faces from afar!

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