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We All Hate Telemarketers, But What This Woman Had To Put Up With Is Ridiculous

When this woman received a phone call from a telemarketer, she didn’t expect it to go this badly.

Telemarketing has to be the worst job in the world, because realizing that you endlessly annoy people has to wear on the soul. And no one likes to be hung up on. It’s just rude. And imagine what it feels like to be hung up on fifty times a day.

But there are some telemarketers who deserve every ounce of disdain thrown their way. The telemarketer this woman had to deal with might just be the worst one yet.

(via NDN)

No one should have to deal with a telemarketer like that, and it’s clear that Mark needs to learn a thing or two about professionalism. I would’ve hung up on him. He deserved to be hung up on.

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