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10 Cats Eating At The Same Time Is Oddly Satisfying…And Adorable

This little kitten gets to know his nine new brothers and sisters more and more as all the cats enjoy mealtime together.

Having even one sibling can feel like a nightmare when it’s time for everyone to sit down for dinner. The chaos can become overwhelming even before the food hits the table, but thankfully these ten cats have way more manners than we ever did.

They like to keep things classy and adorable when they chow down and get to know their newest little brother. Well…most of the time, anyway. Any moments of tension are brief, as the kitten does his best to fit right in with his new family.

“Don’t ya just love salmon day?”

“You’re right, this formation is so much better.”

Watch the video for some silly after-meal antics:

The little guy already has an impressive appetite. I have a feeling he’ll fit right in with the rest of the feline family in no time.

“Get your own bowl, kid!”

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