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Behold The Insanity That Is Japanese Arcade Games…And Their Loyal Gamers

Watching these gamers play is a work of art, especially when you see how skilled they are.

If you’ve played a video game in the last 35 years, chances are you’ve come across a title that was developed in Japan. If it wasn’t, it was most likely inspired by a Japanese game or Japanese culture. There is no denying the technological superiority of Japanese entertainment companies when it comes to video games, as the country has carried the industry for many decades and made gaming what it is today.

If you still don’t understand this, it will all make sense when you see how fervently these Japanese people play video games. I mean, just look at these guys. They are in complete BEAST MODE!

This dude has all the moves!


I need this guy in my band.

YouTube/un hasani

Drum solo: initiated.

YouTube/Alex Whyte

He thinks life is an action movie…or at least he thinks playing this game is an action movie.


I don’t know how much “rhythm” you need to do this, but I guess at least some?

YouTube/Andrew Cheng

These gamers are SERIOUS! If you see any of these dudes walk into an arcade, step aside. You are about to get schooled in the art of video gaming. Not only do they play incredibly hard games, they make it look so easy, too.

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