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When This Little Girl Comes Face-To-Face With A Liger, Something Adorable Happens

While visiting the zoo with her family, this adorable little girl had the sweetest moment with one of the ligers.

Animals at the zoo live pretty social lives from behind the glass, but moments like the one this lucky little girl had at the Shenzhen Safari Park in Guangdong, China, certainly don’t happen every day.

When the toddler moseyed up to the glass of a big cat enclosure, she quickly formed a bond with one of the adorable liger residents. The friendly feline just couldn’t take his eyes off the tiny human!

(source Little Girl Meets a Liger! by aviao)

I think the liger was trying to get a better view by cleaning off the glass. Too bad the cuties couldn’t just cuddle up with each other, but that’s probably for the best.

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