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This Burned And Abused Pit Bull Was Terrified…She Didn’t Know What A Toy Was

Kinzie the pit bull was found abandoned, burned, abused, and tied to a flagpole in Chicago. But she’s finally found a chance to heal.

There is no excuse for treating a defenseless animal with the amount of cruelty this poor pit bull endured in her young life. Found tied to a flagpole in Chicago, the sweet girl was suffering chemical burns and had clearly been harshly abused.

The amazing crew of women from Furever Rescue quickly came to her aid. The injuries were still so fresh that she was howling in pain as they brought her to an emergency veterinary facility.

Warning: her injuries are very difficult to look at.

The burns covered half her face…

And almost all of her front legs.

The vets got to work treating her heartbreaking wounds, but there was more than the physical trauma that needed healing.

At only eight months old, she had no idea how to adapt to her new, happy life.

In fact, when her foster mother presented her with a squeaky toy, Kinzie barked at it in fear.

But slowly, her playful side finally started to show as she grew more comfortable in her loving environment.

The organization will place her up for adoption once all her wounds have healed – inside and out.

(via The Dodo)

You can keep tabs on her recovery on the Furever Rescue Facebook page. She might still have a long way to go, but I have no doubt this sweat pea will bring lots of happiness to her future forever home.

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