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A School Custodian Breaks Down In Tears After Her Community Saves The Day

Students band together to raise money for a new home for their school’s custodian after her house burns.

Brenda Hurst is the head custodian at Boiling Springs High School in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The school’s students and staff consider her to be part of their family.

Sadly, disaster struck a year ago when Hurst’s home burned completely to the ground. Always wanting to take care of their own, the community got together and raised enough money to surprise their friend with a new home, all thanks to a campaign started by the student council.

Witness the heartwarming moment she is led blindfolded out of a police cruiser and a huge crowd surprises her with a new home. The surprise didn’t end with just the shell of a house, either. The inside was fully-furnished!

(source WYFF News 4)

That really warmed my heart. It’s beautiful to see a community come together like this to support and make whole a woman who’s obviously much loved and appreciated.

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