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The Moment This Paralyzed Biker Got To Ride Again Will Move You To Tears

Martyn Ashton thought he’d never be able to mountain bike again, but thanks to medical miracles, he was able to ride again.

Imagine that you were just told that you’ve been paralyzed and may never walk again. That would be devastating, wouldn’t it? Never again could you enjoy going for a run, walking in the park, or even playing with your dog. And it would be completely unheard of for you to hop on your mountain bike again, right?

Well, through miracles of modern medicine, this paralyzed biker got to hit the trails once again. Watch as he effortlessly falls back into his favorite high-impact routine.

(via YouTube)

Watching that makes you realize that people are full of limitless potential. Just because you are paralyzed doesn’t mean that you can no longer participate in the things that make your life worth living. At least that’s what it means for Martyn Ashton. His circumstances couldn’t keep him from living the life he loves.

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