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This Breed Of Chicken Has The Strangest Mutation You’ll Ever See

Dong Tao chickens have some of the thickest legs I’ve ever seen.

Chickens are awesome. They are delicious, generally not harmful, and did I mention delicious? But they’re not all just the white and brown chickens you see on many American farms. As it turns out, chickens come in all shapes and sizes. One strange breed even has a weird (and pretty gross) mutation.

The Dong Tao chicken, native to Vietnam, is a breed that has incredibly beefy legs. Some people may be repulsed by them, but they are highly revered in Vietnam, as it’s one of the rarest chicken breeds in the world.

The Dong Tao can have legs as thick as human wrists.

To fully mature, these strange little guys need about a year.

Dong Tao chickens lay eggs less frequently than more common breeds, but because of their rarity, breeders of these chickens end up making a ton of money.

The Dong Tao’s huge legs make laying eggs extremely difficult, which could explain why the lack of frequency.

Their meat is considered to be more delicious than that of a regular chicken, which would explain the expensive price tag that goes along with it.

(via odditycentral)

I don’t care how much tastier they are than a regular chicken, because I will not be spending a dime on those insane chicken gams.

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