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12 Yummy Ice Cream Recipes For Both You And Your Dog To Devour Together

You and your dog can share these delicious pup-safe ice cream recipes all summer long.

You scream, I scream, and your puppy pals all scream for ice cream!

Don’t leave your four-legged friends hanging with only plain ol’ water to keep them cooled down this summer. Spice things up with these super-simple sweet treat recipes. The frozen delights will help everyone stay chill while the temperature climbs higher. Some look so good, you might want to grab a spoonful for yourself!

You can find full recipes by clicking on the titles.

Sure, it might be spoiling them a bit, but what’s the point of having a pup if you aren’t going to spoil them? Every cutie deserves it based on their adorable faces alone, anyway.

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