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15 Fashion Finds That Prove Rich People Should Find Better Ways To Spend Their Money

From coasters that cost hundreds of dollars to a truly ridiculous backpack that will set you back almost a grand, this is a look at how the other half lives.

Here’s the thing: I’m not rich, and so I have no idea what I would spend my money on if I were.

I like to think I would create a nice home for myself and donate a ton of money to charity and call it a day. But my definition of what constitutes a “nice home” is probably still pretty low-class.

It turns out there are some pretty regular objects out there that cost an obscene amount of money, and they’re being marketed at places like Nordstrom, Tiffany & Co., and Saks Fifth Avenue that cater to the uber-rich. Here are 15 ridiculous finds.

Get a plain blue backpack and stick some googley eyes on it, or pay $450 for this masterpiece.

You’re going to need some $245 coasters for your fanciest, most expensive drinks.

This transformer bear might be a cool kids’ backpack, but for $875 you should probably save it and pay rent instead.

This food tray will only set you back $295, but who could resist those handles?

For $259, this better be the most accurate timepiece on the market.

This serving bowl comes in two options: $225 for the 7-inch bowl, and $595 for the 13-inch version.

Or you could buy this picture frame for a measley $160.

Four whole cocktail picks? AND a holder? A certifiable steal for $195.

We in no way condone the use of real fur, but you’d think at $198 this throw would be anything but faux.

I’m not saying this vase isn’t worth $875, but I am saying that you’d be hard-pressed to find a bouquet that even comes close to that price.

$385? I bet it doesn’t even sound that great.

To be clear, this $350 pillbox does not come with any food at all.

Just once, I would like to take a sip of water out of this $5,700 pitcher.

I’d bet $1,000 this tic-tac-toe game will not make you feel $1,000 happier after you buy it.

You can’t build literally anything with 10 Legos, and these will set you back $1,500 for the set.

Absolutely incredible. I’ll stick with my Target runs and try to forget that any of this exists.