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Husky Barely Tolerates Doting Baby’s Endless Affections

A video of baby Madison showing her favorite fur baby love, while he mentally plots out ways to run away.

As you’re about to see, sometimes showing someone you love them can be a bit much.

While most people would kill to have an adorable baby showering them with love and affection, not this husky. Baby Madison can’t wait to hug and pet her favorite fluffball and at first, the pupper is keen to her advances, but as time goes by, something in the pup’s eyes says he is totally over it.

I’m willing to bet this interaction isn’t just a one-time thing, and this Husky feels like he’s experiencing déjà vu.


I, for one, love my personal space, so I can totally sympathize with this dog who can’t seem to escape the clutches of his tiny human. Enough is enough!