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20 Customer Service Conversations That Are So Stupid, They’ll Make Your Head Hurt

These retail associates are sharing their most idiotic customer interactions for all the world to read.

No matter if you’ve worked in retail your entire life or just a single day, you’ve probably heard the saying “the customer is always right.”

And while it might be true according to your store managers and your store’s code of ethics, as a retail associate you’ll discover pretty early on that people are incompetent. While most customers will be pretty easygoing, you’ll always have those who will make you mutter swear words under your breath and raise your blood pressure. Thankfully the website Not Always Right allows retail employees an outlet to share their hilarious customer run-ins for all the world to read.

Here’s a collection of our favorite customer interactions that will make you question human intelligence.

(via Not Always Right)

These stories really brought back all the horrifying memories of my own retail experiences. If you’re a retail professional, tell us the funniest, most soul-crushing encounter you ever had!