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Hate Using The Snowblower? Just Get Yourself A Dog Like This Clever Pooch.

This adorable Newfie loves helping out with yard work during the winter. She even knows how to use a snowblower!

Morgan the dog doesn’t just enjoy playing in the snow at her family’s home in Sunnybrae, British Colombia. She loves to help clear it as well!

As Dean and Grace Edwards can attest, their six-year-old Newfoundland is an impressively smart dog. In fact, she’s the one who plows the snow during the winter. Amazingly enough, she knows how to use their snowblower — and it only took them about a month to teach her!

Watch this good girl as she proudly does her part to rid the yard of snow.


Anyone who says dogs are stupid clearly hasn’t seen Morgan in action. If she’s any indication, you can train them to do just about anything!