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Sister Takes Sibling Annoyance To A New Level By Rearranging Her Beatles Wall Art

This girl gets endless entertainment out of rearranging the letters on her sister’s Beatles sign.

It’s a brother or sister’s job to annoy their siblings as much as humanly possible, and that kind of trolling takes many forms.

Some stick to merciless teasing or deliberately getting each other into trouble with their parents, while others take great pleasure in pulling off elaborate pranks. But when it comes to making her sister’s blood boil, this girl takes a much more creative (and harmless) approach.

Tumblr user Jennifer Wilbur loves The Beatles, and as such has the band’s name spelled out in letters on her bedroom door. But to her exasperation, her sister can’t resist rearranging the letters into different anagrams every chance she gets.

“I’ve given up trying to make them normal,” the resigned Wilber wrote. Still, she probably can’t deny that her sister’s talent for creating so many combinations is pretty impressive. Check out all her rearrangements below.

(via Bored Panda)

“Let hate be” has got to be my favorite of the bunch. What do your siblings do to piss you off, even in adulthood? Let us know in the comments.