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A Doctor Asked Terminally Ill Kids What They Value. Their Answers Were Spot On.

Alastair McAlpine said the children most valued family, friends, and experiences like reading and going to the beach.

In the day-to-day hustle and bustle of life, it can be easy to forget what matters in life.

We get caught up in work and bills and fail to make as much time as we should for the people in our lives that lift us up and the activities that make our hearts soar.

Wisdom can often come from children, but one doctor recently found out that terminally ill children have remarkable insights into what’s really important. Fortunately for us, he decided to share them.

Alastair McAlpine is a pediatrician who works with some patients who are in palliative care and are terminally ill.

He recently shared what those kids value most in a Twitter thread that will inspire and move you. Read his tweets below:

Wow. I’m going to try to remember to incorporate all of these suggestions into my life more. After all, all we have guaranteed is this moment.