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Incredible Service Dog Throws Himself In Front Of A Bus To Save Legally Blind Owner

Audrey Stone is now recovering in the hospital from injuries after her golden retriever Figo saved her life. He also survived with injuries to his legs.

Service animals are lifesavers for the people who use them.

For someone who is blind or may have a disability, a service animal can be there to help guide them and perform daily tasks they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. Service dogs are highly trained and specialized, but one pup recently went above and beyond the call of duty when he literally saved his owner’s life.

Here’s their story.

Figo was out walking with his legally blind owner Audrey Stone when he saw a bus coming and switched sides to protect her. The bus hit them both, and they sustained injuries, but both lived.

Even after being injured, Figo kept fighting to be at Audrey’s side, and vets and emergency personnel say they’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Right now, the two are separated while Audrey recovers in the hospital, but they both look forward to being reunited soon. Check out the whole story below.


Youtube / CBS New York

Now that’s a good boy. Thank goodness he was there! It’s great that these two will be reunited soon. That’ll be one happy reunion, that’s for sure!